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How Natural Measures Cycling Increased Class Attendance 110% With Glofox

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    Indianapolis, US
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    Group spin classes
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    Glofox App
5 min read
18 Mar 2021

About Natural Measures Cycling

Natural Measures is a boutique indoor cycling studio based in Indianapolis. With an energy-driven twist on urban spinning, founder and owner Vikki Gladney is on a mission to promote a fun fitness environment through choreographed cycling, weights, and repetition set to the beat of energizing music.

Following major surgery in 2018, Vikki wanted to change her physical life, and her fitness journey began. After taking her first hip-hop spin class, she fell in love with the workout and quickly knew that she wanted to become an instructor. For a year, she continued taking classes at her local YMCA, and in 2019, became an instructor at the studio. After a year of teaching, Vikki knew she wanted to channel her spinning passion into a full-time career. She left her corporate job to found Natural Measures Cycling in 2020.

Today, Vikki is the sole owner and instructor at the studio. The business has recently expanded, adding more bikes to cater to high demand and maximize studio capacity in line with Covid restrictions. Since the beginning of the year, this has helped class attendance increase by 110% and bookings are up 41% since February. Vikki has built a loyal and engaged membership base in a short space of time, and the business is going from strength to strength.

“Glofox is an investment that helps me to stand out. Having professional, well-groomed processes for my customers has been a shining star. It sets me apart; it makes Natural Measures look good!”

Vikki Gladney
Natural Measures Cycling

The Challenge? Finding a streamlined software solution that delivers a seamless member experience

Early on, Vikki knew she would need management software to help run and grow the business efficiently. She began looking into different options to find the best fit:

“It was an investment that I knew would benefit the business in the long run. We played around with a couple of options, but Glofox offered the best value and the features I knew I would need.”

Vikki had previously experienced using different software as a customer. She was able to see first hand the benefits that software provides to customers, but she wanted to be able to give her members even more:

“What I see with Glofox in comparison, the process itself is more seamless. I wanted something more attractive for my customers to use, and not a software that would be overly saturated with other fitness companies and modalities.”

How Has Glofox Helped? Providing tools and features that empower members and deliver a seamless experience

Streamlining the booking process with the Glofox App has given Vikki’s members the power to manage their own bookings, and the ease of use helps to drive loyalty for the business:

“My customers love the app! They’ll have conversations in class with each other about it like, ‘hey, do you use the app? You need to use the app; it’s so easy!’ They like the simple way of managing their own money, managing their own classes, and managing their time. I think that weighs a lot into their loyalty.”

As well as enhancing the member experience, the Glofox Pro App is Vikki’s go-to for overseeing the business any time, any place:

“The Glofox Pro App is very helpful to me. I’m on the go all day, and it’s easy for me to look at my phone. Every day I can check to see who’s coming into which classes, and it means I can stay on top of preparing the studio.”

With user-friendly features and the app at her fingertips, Vikki can easily engage and communicate with her community:

“My customers, my relationship with them, it tends to be very personal. If they ever have any questions about a class or anything, they text me. With the app, I can go straight in to check out whatever information they need and get back to them quickly.”

Member experience sits at the heart of Natural Measures Cycling, and Glofox helps Vikki deliver seamless processes that empower each customer:

“If there’s one thing that’s most important to me, it’s my customers and their experience. With Glofox, it’s touch-free, hands-free, electronic booking. It’s become all the more important with Covid, but even in normal times – I don’t have to do anything, and they have the control.”

Empowering her members with seamless processes helps Vikki stand out in the local area:

“There are local businesses that are making their appointments by phone, text, or messenger. To me, that’s a lot of work. Glofox is an investment that helps me to be unique. It offers an efficient process that allows me the time and energy to focus on servicing my clients!”

What’s Next for Natural Measures Cycling?

Despite the challenges of starting a fitness business in the middle of a pandemic, Natural Measures has grown from strength to strength since opening. The studio first opened its doors in October 2020, and even amid lockdowns since then, Vikki has built a loyal base of members:

“Sometimes I have to tell my customers to slow down. They’re trying to book every class! On a rotating basis, I have regular, die-hard Natural Measures customers. I believe the first thing that keeps them loyal is the vibe of positive and energetic classes and the studio environment. They’re very interactive, and in reviews, people share about the clean atmosphere and Covid prevention methods. The second is their overall experience; everything is so easy for them.”

Vikki will implement an apprentice and mentor program to hire other instructors. She is planning to invest more in the growing Natural Measures team as the business grows. The business will dedicate more efforts to its digital options in the future, and Vikki is also currently working with Notre Dame University in Indiana to explore trademarking opportunities. Long-term, this could mean that the modality of fitness that Vikki teaches will be exclusive to Natural Measures Cycling.

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