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How The Movement Increased Their Active Memberships by 97% During Lockdown With Glofox

  • Location
    Co. Mayo, Ireland
  • Services offered
    Group functional training
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    The Glofox app, push notifications, ease-of-use for the entire team
6 min read
05 Nov 2020

About The Movement

Andy and Jennifer Moran are the owners of The Movement, a functional training studio that currently operates two locations in Mayo, Ireland. With a hugely successful sporting career in Gaelic football, Andy has always had a passion for fitness and the sense of community that comes with being part of a team. 

Founded in 2015, the first gym was split into two training areas; downstairs was reserved for functional exercises and personal training, and upstairs was a class-based gym. After around 12 months of success with this model, Jenifer and Andy found a love for the energy of group training and realized it had great potential for bringing in a wide range of people from their community. They received excellent feedback from members on their classes and knew that this was the key to bringing the social aspect of fitness into The Movement.

Since then, The Movement has gone from strength to strength, now operating across two locations, with plans to open a third.

“People exercise for social reasons, I would say more so than for the physical reasons, and from our background in sport, we always had this fascination with trying to create a team environment.”

Andy Moran
Andy Moran
The Movement

The Challenge? Finding an easy to use software solution to support a growing fitness business

Jennifer and Andy had Glofox in place from day one of opening the doors to their first facility. They had been debating a software system throughout the run-up to opening, and Jennifer knew that collecting data on every member who came through the door would be valuable when it came to managing the business. With pricing that aligned with Andy and Jennifer’s budget and intuitive features that would help to build a community of loyal members, Glofox provided value right from the beginning:

“It was the best decision we made for the business because it put everything in line and created a structure from day one of opening our doors.”

How Has Glofox Helped? An intuitive solution that empowers staff to deliver a personalized member experience

The Movement has grown to twenty-five staff members across its two locations. For a fast-growing business with an equally fast-growing team, ease of use has been a crucial benefit of choosing Glofox as their gym management software:

“The best thing about Glofox for us is that it’s so customer-friendly, but also it’s so easy for our staff to use.”

On a daily basis, Glofox empowers the team at The Movement to do what they do best: easy to use software means more time spent running classes and training clients, onboarding new members, getting to know them personally, and making regular check-in calls.

“Even when we have a work experience person come in, they can go behind the front desk and be able to process a transaction immediately. It’s so straightforward; it’s a really easy product to use.”

Less time spent navigating clunky software ultimately means more time invested in the business and its community of members. A huge part of creating and reinforcing this sense of community relies on communicating with members outside of classes regularly:

“When we were closed during COVID, we downloaded a list of our active members from Glofox, and each of the coaches got around a hundred people to call. They’d be speaking to members and adding notes to the online system. It’s great that we can use Glofox to add in a bit of detail on how the customer was, how they were feeling, or how they were getting on with our online workouts.”

Overall, this personalization helps The Movement keep members engaged, motivated, and loyal:

“It improves the member experience we’re striving for, making them feel that you’re there for them and that if they wanted to attend a class or whatever, that you’d be there to support them. So that’s really nice. And I think that’s something that maybe the bigger box studios don’t really do so well.”

Andy and Jennifer also use this interaction as an opportunity to collect feedback from their members, and then, most importantly, they act on it. Every process they have in place through Glofox is in the interest of keeping their community happy and engaged with personalization:

“We check-in with how members are getting on, but we also make sure we’re finding out how we can improve. Then the next time we speak to them, we can say ‘we saw you were struggling with this problem, we’ve made these changes to help.’”

The Glofox app also provides features that the team at The Movement relies on for personalizing the member experience right from the start. It’s especially important to the business when it comes to onboarding new members:

“It’s a great feature on the app for the coaches – when someone books a class and they’re new, it flags on the system. So when they come in, the guys can say, “oh, this is your first time,” and spend some time getting to know them and their level of experience. It’s so important – that little blue tag that comes up with new members is massive for us.”

Push notifications also help Andy and Jennifer maintain their community and provide a consistent member experience, both in and outside of the gym. During lockdown, this element has been more crucial than ever:

“Push notifications we use a huge amount of. We’ve had a big increase since COVID in people actually making sure their notifications are turned on, so you get to talk to customers very easily from that point of view.”

Communication aside, Glofox delivers the clear business insights that Andy and Jennifer need to know, so they can focus their efforts on growing the business:

“The reporting tools, especially on the financial side of the business, are important for us. All of the transaction reports mean we can compare where we were last year to this year—and being able to see that we’re still up over our average of members vs. average pricing.”

What’s Next for The Movement? Exciting plans for growth

Today, both of The Movement gyms have a loyal community of members, and since reopening, the uptake has been huge; the gyms were at 100% capacity and had full waitlists within 6-weeks. With COVID restrictions, class sizes are significantly smaller, but members are happy to back and are enjoying the more intimate setting:

“Now there are more classes, more spread out, with up to sixteen in each instead of fifty. There’s a smaller group training element to it, and our members are loving it.”

While COVID has presented challenges for The Movement, it’s also presented new opportunities. Moving forward, Andy and Jennifer have a new outlook with exciting plans for expansion:

“We certainly want more gyms. But instead of franchising it all, we’d want to do it more internally. The best thing for us to come from COVID is that we’ve re-evaluated the way we’ve been working, and we’ve already started to change our processes, management structure, and plans on how we’re going to build the business. Now we have a stronger product and a new plan of how we’re going to put it out there, where we want to sell, and how many members we’ll need.”

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