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Getting the Most from your Facebook Page

Getting the Most from your Facebook Page

Every fitness business owner knows that you can’t ignore social media and in particular Facebook. But why is it that some rave about how good it is for their business while others shrug and say they haven’t noticed a difference? Like any business tool, it really comes down to understanding how Facebook works and putting in the effort.

We asked fitness business blogger and social media expert Susan McEntegert from Corner Shop Gym for her key tips on getting the most from your Facebook page. We definitely learned something and we hope you do to.

1. Use Unique Visual Content

Facebook is awash with images of people in good shape with the same boring motivation taglines. It is clear that putting up these images is becoming pretty pointless as they are being lost in a sea of noise. Everybody’s timeline is clogged up with these images and they are mostly ignored or only liked by your most ardent followers. With Facebook the idea is to grow your reach and your audience. The Gyms who are having the most success are the ones creating unique content customised to their club, ie videos of actual workouts in the gym or real life testimonials from members. This gives prospectives customers a taste of what being a member of your gym or fitness studio is like and it reminds current customers of the benefits.

2. Spend a Little, Gain a Lot

The targeting tools on Facebook for paid ads are excellent for really targeting a specific audience. You can break down your target audience by age, likes and interests and by location. It is definitely worthwhile spending a small amount of money to see if you can extend your audience and gain new customers. Facebook Power Editor also lets you to create whats known as “Lookalike Audiences” for your ads. You can create a target audience for ads based on people who fit a similar profile to people who like or have interacted with your page. Pretty powerful stuff!

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3. Quality Not Quantity

There is no doubt that when it comes to Facebook, quality over quantity wins every time. One quality thought out post every day is much more powerful than four or five generic posts every day. Try putting out posts at different times during the day to see which ones get the best responses and the most interaction. The rule of thumb for best time to post on Facebook seems to be early in the morning before work or post 7pm in the evening when people are relaxing after their dinner. Every business is different so find the best time that works for you!

Susan McEntegert is the Head Coach and Director of Corner Shop Gym. Susan has worked in the leisure industry for almost 16 years gaining vast experience and knowledge along the way. Her hands on experience in every aspect of operating a facility gives her a unique insight into the extensive requirements involved in opening and operating a safe and successful fitness business.

To contact Susan visit the Corner Shop Gym website.

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