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12 Top Fitness Blogs You Need to Follow

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Today, more than ever, there is a renewed focus and awareness on health and fitness. People are truly beginning to understand how exercise not only helps your body, but your mind too. As a result, people are looking for more information on their journey to good health. But how do you find the right place to get quality information on health and fitness? There are a lot of blogs out there, and not all of them provide the best or most reliable information.

In this digital age, there’s no better place than the internet for finding the answers you need. Fitness apps, videos, and influencers can be a great source of information, but there’s one resource which can be a massive help: fitness blogs. If you’re a fitness business owner, you can learn a thing or two from the way some of the best fitness blogs package their content and engage with the reader. In this article, we’ll take a look at some key blogging statistics, what makes a successful fitness blog, and 12 fitness blogs you need to follow right now. 

Fresh Blogging Statistics You Need to Know 

Before we jump into some key influencers in the fitness blogging world, let’s break down some of the latest blogging statistics. It feels like blogging as a form of content marketing has been around for a while. It went through a brief moment out of favor, but it’s making a serious comeback.

Blogs have evolved over time into a well of users that fitness bloggers can then direct to different information and resources. For example, a fitness blogger might write an article on pullups, and then provide a video or PDF with all the information the user needs to get started themselves.

Think of blogs as the lobby to the fitness gym, directing you to the resource or room you need to get fitter and improve your workout routine.

Over Half of Online Traffic Comes from Organic Search

According to Bright Edge, organic search remains the dominant source of web traffic, coming in at 53.3%. This shows that organic search is still a valuable marketing strategy. By focusing on SEO and building content that boosts organic search results, you can see how blogging still has a significant role to play in content marketing.  

The Average First Page Result on Google Contains 1,447 Words

On the first page of results on Google, the average word count is 1,447. Longer content tends to accumulate more backlinks than shorter posts, which is beneficial in getting your page higher on search pages. Longer form blogs are also a great opportunity to position your business as an authority in the fitness industry. 

77% of Users on the Internet Read Blogs Regularly 

More than three-quarters of internet users read blogs regularly, covering several niches and industries. No matter how big or small your business, blogging is a good way to establish trust and authority in your industry. Today, it’s more important than ever to combine visual elements with your written content such as video and high-quality photos. 

The Built To Grow Fitness Podcast is a great resource for content marketing strategies. In particular, how to repurpose content so that you can keep your audience engaged all year long. The episode touches on evergreen offers, retargeting content, and the importance of branding. 

What Makes a Fitness Blog Successful? 

Some of the best fitness blogs have a massive following. They are a go-to source for all things health, fitness, and well-being. But how do they gain such a big following and what strategy do they use to produce such captivating content? Let’s take a look at what features make a fitness blog successful. 

They Solve a Problem 

A great blog solves a problem. Often people seek out information to solve a problem in their life. For example, a fitness blog that helps mothers work out throughout pregnancy and focuses on post-natal health and fitness is helping to solve a specific issue. Having a niche is super beneficial in all areas of your business and content. When your service or offer solves a problem, it provides more value to your target audience. 

Engages and Connects with the Reader 

Some of the most successful blogs don’t just educate and inform readers, they create content that engages and connects with the reader. Information is delivered in a way that the reader can understand and relate to. Not only do readers find a solution to a problem, but it’s done in a personal and sometimes humorous way. 

Has a Strong Social Media Presence 

Fitness bloggers tend to have a strong social media presence. They continue to interact and engage with users off and on the blog. Social media is a great way to give readers a glimpse behind the scenes and allow the relationship between blogger and reader to grow. Often, fitness bloggers use social media the same way businesses do as a way to grow their brand, expand their reach, and engage readers. 

A great blog takes time to develop; it doesn’t happen overnight. The most popular fitness blogs have grown over the last few years with consistent quality content and a ton of dedication. You’re probably thinking is it worth starting your own fitness blog? The answer is 100% yes.

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12 Best Fitness Blogs You Need to Follow 

Fitness blogs cover a wide range of topics in the wellness world. While some are more focused on building muscle, others tend to lean towards nutrition and health. No matter the topic, the top fitness blogs have plenty of engaged readers and a growing audience. Here is a list of 12 of the best fitness blogs you need to follow. 

1. Nerd Fitness 

Audience: Beginner Fitness Enthusiasts

Nerd Fitness started in 2009 as a way to help people live a healthy life in any way they can. Founder Steve Kamb aims to help the average Joe. They offer programs to help normal people lose weight, build muscle, and get strong.

The blog part of the Nerd Fitness website really focuses on beginners. You only need to read one article to understand who their target audience is. It’s all about getting started, helping beginners, and taking the first step to a healthier lifestyle. The Nerd Fitness site expanded with its Nerd Fitness Coaching app so that users can read the blog wherever they are. 

2. Fit Bottomed Girls

Audience: Alternative wellness and mindful exercise

The Fit Bottomed world is run by fitness professionals Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour. The two friends started Fit Bottomed Girls in 2008 as they were looking for a fresh approach to health and fitness without the dieting. The blog has been growing ever since and has now expanded into other verticals such as Fit Bottomed Mammas, the Fit Bottomed Girls Podcast, and the online course Love Your Body. Love Your Life. The blog was launched as a way to solve a problem; they were looking for a new way to be healthy. Just months after starting, readers latched on and related to the content almost immediately. 

3. Born Fitness 

Audience: No-nonsense fitness enthusiasts

Born Fitness is a big source for health and fitness. The blog aims to take the stress out of health, fitness, and nutrition. They have a no-hype, straightforward tone that delivers informative yet engaging content. Founder of Born Fitness Adam Bornstein works with world-class fitness experts to deliver clear and helpful answers. It’s about finding solutions to your needs and accessing jargon-free information. Born Fitness is designed for real people who want expert advice in a simple, easy-to-digest format.  

4. Love Sweat Fitness 

Audience: Community and Body Positivity Enthusiasts

Love Sweat Fitness was founded in 2014 by Katie Dunlop. Katie started the site as she was passionate about fitness and helping women. What’s different about Love Sweat Fitness is that the site majorly focuses on community. She aims to build friendships and a powerful community to support other people’s health and fitness. The blog splits up the content into fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, travel, and printables. With plenty of healthy recipes, fitness challenges, and even an app, Love Sweat Fitness aims to make fitness a community event. 

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5. Breaking Muscle 

Audience: Scientific fitness enthusiasts & bodybuilders

Breaking Muscle is an online platform that provides high-quality fitness content all backed up by scientific facts. The blog is super versatile and is seen as an expert source in the fitness world. This means that the blog commands an audience of consumers, professionals, and fitness enthusiasts. Content is clearly separated on the blog for trainers and coaches as well as consumers. The blog features a lot of different content such as reviews, videos, workout routines, fitness articles, and product reviews. It’s also a great source for bodybuilders with plenty of advice on bodybuilding and how to grow muscle. 

6. Jessi Kneeland 

Audience: Body Positivity and Psychological Wellbeing

This is one of my favorite blogs on this list. Jessi is a coach, writer, and speaker dedicated to helping people free themselves from their body issues and promote self-love. Her blog has a very clear purpose and is solving a problem which is one of the reasons the site is so popular. Jessi combines written text and videos on her blog to talk about things like body image, self-advocacy, confidence, and ignorance. Jessi’s blog encourages newbies to start their health and fitness goals. 

7. Glofox

Audience: Fitness Business Owners

Yeah, yeah, we’re mentioning ourselves, but we know the value we provide. After all, you’re reading this blog, aren’t you?

Our blog, like our platform, is focused on helping fitness entrepreneurs become more successful and spend less time behind the desk and out on the studio floor. We regularly release content on how to build your own successful business, guides on choosing the best fitness software for your brand, and interviews celebrating our customers and their amazing fitness journeys.

If you’re looking to set up your own fitness business, we can give you all the building blocks you need to get started.

8. Well+Good 

Audience: Trendsetters and Go-getters

In 2010, Well+Good was created by two journalists as a news publication platform entirely devoted to health and wellness. The site brings news, articles, and videos to demystify the wellness world. The website is known for its top-level reporting and trend spotting. They quickly take on the latest trends in the wellness world and deliver a tell-all approach based on facts and expert knowledge. Fast-forward a decade and Well+Good has become a top source on boutique fitness, health, and all things wellness. 

9. Bad Yogi 

Audience: Yoga enthusiasts that hate wheatgrass shots

The Bad Yogi blog is a part of the larger Bad Yogi website offering a 12-week online yoga program and clothing. The founders of Bad Yogi started the blog and website for a very specific reason. They found that the yoga world was exclusive and had a judgmental nature. Bad Yogi aims to “redefine yoga culture”. The blog content is split between yoga, fitness, food and recipes, and motherhood and baby. Articles heavily focus on self-care and healthy living.

10. Keep it SimpELLE

Audience: Fitness Professionals and Aspirational Entrepreneurs

Elle Linton is a UK health and fitness blogger and founder of Keep it SimpELLE. She offers professional insight into the health and fitness world, Instead of targeting just consumers, her content is aimed at people who want to take a peek behind the scenes of the fitness industry. Those who want to find out more about the jobs, businesses, and technology in the fitness world. She confidently blends topics like taxes for personal trainers and fitness professionals and a 30-minute workout you can do at home. 

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11. Runtastic

Audience: Runners, Joggers, and Marathoners

The Adidas Runtastic blog is chocked full of fitness tips and information on exercise, nutrition, workouts, and free training plans. You can find a lot of valuable content that gives users access to free information to improve their health, fitness, and cardio. The Runtastic blog is suitable for all types of runners from gentle joggers to marathon fanatics. The content is designed to help improve performance for all fitness levels. 

12. Tony Gentilcore 

Audience: Fitness inspiration and actionable advice.

Tony is one of the co-founders of Cressey Sports Performance, writer, and strength training and conditioning coach. The aim of Tony’s blog is to keep you motivated and positive on your health and fitness journey. You can find inspirational posts and quotes as well as actionable advice and workout tips you can take to improve your fitness. 

In Summary 

The internet is packed full of content that is free to access. Although it seems like blogging has been around for a while, major fitness blogs have been able to grow their empire by producing regular quality content that engages the reader.

If you take anything away from some of the top fitness blogs right now is the way they serve a specific niche and solve a problem. Whether it’s to make yoga more accessible or increase body positivity, the best blogs started with a purpose and continue to serve that purpose.

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