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How Studio Fire Increased Revenues by 32% With Glofox

  • Location
    Columbia, South Carolina
  • Services offered
    Yoga, Barre, Blended HIIT workouts
  • Most-valued Glofox feature
    Branded App and Push Notifications
5 min read
28 May 2021

About Studio Fire

Hannah Bratcher and Kelly Holbrook are the owners of Studio Fire in Columbia, South Carolina. Hannah has been certified in barre for over 3 years, and her journey as a fitness entrepreneur began back in 2018 when she started running Bend and Barre, a series of pop-up classes at local events. From here, Hannah opened her own pop-up studio, where she met Kelly, and they went on to become business partners.

The pop-ups helped the pair become established in the local community, so they had a loyal base of members when they opened their first brick-and-mortar location, Studio Fire. Alongside nutrition services, the studio’s well-rounded offering is designed to encourage members to move intuitively. Classes range from hot and cool yoga, barre, meditation, HIIT, and stretch classes.

Hannah and Kelly have also launched a wider business concept, The Well Collective, at the same premises as the studio. The Well Collective is a plant-focused cafe, smoothie bar, and lifestyle boutique, and the combined businesses make the facility a one-stop shop for all things wellness in the local community. While Covid has presented its challenges, Hannah and Kelly have moved the business from strength to strength in recent months. Their success is largely attributed to their approach: they’re not just building a fitness business; they’re building a brand.

“Having the branded app is huge. It’s really user-friendly at the backend, and for clients too, which is the most important thing.”

Hannah Bratcher
Studio Fire

The Challenge? Finding an easy-to-use software with features to build a brand and create an excellent member experience

Before Glofox, Hannah and Kelly faced frequent frustrations with their studio software. It was complicated to use, and the reporting information was often unreliable:

“I always hated it; the backend is really confusing and unnecessary, and most of the reporting was incorrect. It was really expensive for what it was.”

One of the most important features for Hannah and Kelly was to have an app for their members to provide a seamless experience. This was not easy to achieve with their old software:

“Using the standard app was messy for our clients. If it’s not user-friendly, then people will just drop off because it’s too completed for them. People want what’s easy.”

Alongside the clunky member experience, the app wasn’t unique to Studio Fire. The software uses its standard app to showcase every local studio on the platform to all members using the app. Essentially, it was free advertising for local competitors. The process wasn’t helping Hannah and Kelly to build brand loyalty:

“They just tried to get you to pay as much as they could. To have your own branded app with them was a huge expense, but we really wanted it because, on that software, it was the only way you could separate yourself from other studios using it in the area.”

Hannah and Kelly needed to find a solution that would help them engage members, stand out from the crowd, and build a brand, all at a price worth the investment.

How Has Glofox Helped? Empowering Studio Fire with easy-to-use features that engage members and grow the brand

After a challenging experience with their previous software and its complexity, one of the main benefits that drew Hannah and Kelly to Glofox was its ease of use. With accessible features, managing the business day-to-day is a seamless process for every member of staff:

“Glofox just seemed so user-friendly for clients and staff. Everything from managing the waitlist and doing the late cancels to inputting the schedule is very straightforward. A new staff member could get on to Glofox and do whatever they needed to do without much training.”

Efficient operations aside, Glofox also gives Hannah and Kelly the insights they need to assess the studios’ performance, set goals, and grow the business:

“I like looking at the reporting on Glofox; it’s really easy to read. The number of memberships is huge for us, just to know where we are for the month and what our goals need to be.”

Push notifications were also a huge appeal of Glofox when it came to choosing their software provider. Hannah and Kelly plan on using the feature even more to promote the business throughout summer this year:

“I love the push notifications; it was a huge thing that sold us on Glofox. We’ll be using it more in the summer to promote events. It’s a great way to get the word out.”

Glofox has been essential for Hannah and Kelly in building and managing their loyal community. They find the branded app particularly useful for standing out from the crowd and providing a seamless booking experience for members:

“Having the branded app is huge. It’s really user-friendly at the backend, and for clients too, which is the most important thing.”

With seamless functionality, the Glofox App delivers a sleek member experience that increases bookings and ultimately drives growth for the business. Between January and March 2021, bookings grew 118%, driving revenues up by 32%.

What’s Next for Studio Fire?

Studio Fire is going from strength to strength as Hannah and Kelly continue to invest in the brand. Despite the challenges presented by Covid, the studio’s membership base already includes more than 200 members. The business has been exceptionally busy in recent months, and The Well Collective has also recently undergone a successful rebrand.

“We strive to create a really welcoming experience, and we make sure people feel successful. Having the other components like the cafe have been instrumental to our success because having multiple revenue streams is important. Long-term, I think you have to have a blend of revenue streams to make your business successful.”

Hannah and Kelly are now planning to expand to a second location in Charleston, including the whole concept of both a Studio Fire and The Well Collective.

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