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Lion Fitness Delivers a Seamless Digital Experience to Members Using Glofox

  • Location
    Yorkshire, UK
  • Services offered
    Personal training, strength training, and group classes
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    Glofox On-Demand content and lead management tools
4 min read
08 Jun 2020

About Lion Fitness

Having forged a successful career in the financial services industry, Mark Wilson took a break from life in the UK to assist in the opening of a gym franchise in France. During this time Mark discovered his passion for health and fitness and wanted to share it with others. This experience led him to set up his own fitness business upon his return to the UK, and thus Lion Fitness was born. Originally starting out as a consultative fitness business with private sessions and outdoor boot camps, Mark then found a space which would enable him to develop his vision for Lion Fitness – an inclusive and welcoming gym, built for a community of like-minded people, where every member is valued and supported in their respective fitness journeys.

Mark has recently just celebrated 5 years in business and has been quick to adapt to the challenges presented with COVID-19 this year. Mark’s personalized approach to cultivating a sense of community, a non-intimidating and welcoming atmosphere, and his commitment to catering to members’ needs has been key to the success of Lion Fitness.

“The speed at which I was able to move my classes online was a big benefit for me in terms of saving time on admin, and for my members, in streamlining their online studio experience and providing them with the consistency, structure, and regularity they were looking for.”

Mark Wilson
Lion Fitness

The challenge? Finding a solution which could cater to an evolving fitness business

For Mark, member centricity is everything:

“The biggest thing for me at the gym is providing our members with the support and tools they need to be successful in their journeys and while at the start, it was very much just class scheduling that I was looking for from my software system, I quickly realized that I would need to constantly evolve with my members and their needs and my software would also have to be capable of that.”

However, balancing the various roles of being owner, proprietor, and coach meant that a traditional gym management software system wouldn’t suffice in helping to deliver this experience to his members along with efficient member tracking, follow-ups, and control over administration.

“A real issue for fitness business owners is that we are often juggling so many roles that we don’t have the time to sit back and learn about how the intricacies of how a software system might work. It needs to be streamlined and intuitive or else it eats into valuable time and in some instances, you just don’t use the full functionality of the software.”

How Has Glofox Helped?

Glofox has played a key part in helping Mark to pivot to delivering his classes online and to keep his members engaged during his studio’s closure.

“The speed at which I was able to move my classes online was a big benefit for me in terms of saving time on admin, and for my members, in streamlining their online studio experience and providing them with the consistency, structure, and regularity they were looking for.”

From a member perspective, the Glofox member app ensures that Mark can continue to provide his members with value and virtually cultivate a sense of community.

“The new Community section of the app fits really well with what I strive to provide with Lion Fitness. It’s all about the community and delivering valuable content to my members, keeping them engaged, and providing support. It’s the virtual solution for creating a tight-knit and highly engaged community.”

Finally, running your own studio poses challenges for fitness business owners and Mark has overcome many of these challenges with Glofox in order to succeed. One of those was having the time and the stamina to wear many hats including managing his sales processes.

“Glofox helps me manage my time and how I run the business. Along with everything else that it does, it has become a sales and lead management tool for me to engage with potential new members, helping me to understand my conversion rates and how I can improve them. It’s been a great tool for that in helping me manage my sales efforts and set aside time to spend on this area of the business.”

What’s Next?

Mark plans to continue to expand the Lion Fitness offering by providing even more value to his members in the form of on-demand video content and online classes. With restrictions currently in place, Mark does not yet have a date to re-open the studio but does see the virtual element of his studio remaining, even when the Lion Fitness gym reopens.

“I have continued to remain positive during Lockdown and I have worked hard to look for opportunities to retain and even grow my membership base during this period. I see the hybrid fitness model as the future for my business and the industry. Even though my physical premises will always be my main focus, it is important to consider how digital fitness can enhance your members’ experience and act as a marketing tool for your business.”

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