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How JOURNEYFIT Established a Strong Market Presence With the Help of Glofox

  • Location
    Dallas, Texas
  • Services offered
    Group Strength and Fitness Training
  • Most-valued Glofox features
    Glofox member app and dashboard visualizations
4 min read
13 May 2020


Victoria Thomas is the sole owner of JOURNEYFIT; A sports performance and fitness studio in Richardson, and the first African American female to own a gym in Richardson. Having competed in varsity volleyball with great success, Victoria went on to receive a full athletic scholarship at Howard University of Law. It was during this time that Victoria discovered her passion for coaching. Victoria graduated in 2015, practiced in Sports and Entertainment Law for 2 years but left her practice to pursue impacting athletes full time.

Victoria is a National Academy of Sports and medicine certified trainer and specializes in vertical increase, developing speed and power. She also focuses her training programs around injury prevention for all her athletes. Victoria’s philosophy is “Train Hard. Win.” and she and her members embody this philosophy in every training session at JOURNEYFIT.

“There is nothing that really gets better than Glofox in my mind because I can have my own fully branded and customized app. The user interface is just so simple and there are so many features that just bring it to the next level.”

Victoria Thomas

The Challenge?
Finding Software to Help in Building a Brand

Victoria’s vision of JOURNEYFIT was crystal clear in her mind and with the community at the centre, she knew that an app designed for her members would be paramount to her success.

“I knew that considering the brand I wanted to build, the community I wanted to cultivate and the impression I wanted to make I’d need to have an app. Being able to have that and have it connected to our CRM without having to build it out ourselves. The only thing that would even come close would be for us to go and develop a $100,000 customised app. That was not in the budget.”

How Has Glofox Helped? Putting JOURNEYFIT in the Hands of Her Members

Glofox has been essential for Victoria in building her brand and establishing a presence in an already oversaturated industry:

“There is nothing that really gets better than Glofox in my mind because I can have my own fully branded and customised app. The user interface is just so simple and there are so many features that just bring it to the next level.”

Again, with Victoria’s member-centric approach to running her studio she was also very aware of the need for a seamless website integration. Having experienced clunky integrations in the past, an embedded experience within the JOURNEYFIT website was a must-have on Victoria’s list.

“The main thing I needed was the integration because taking people away from my website to a whole other website, as other companies do, does not help my brand at all. It also causes a lot of confusion and can make people feel insecure when putting in personal or payment details.”

Victoria is fully committed to her studio and her members and is passionate about continuing to coach and cultivate her community. With this hands-on approach to her studio, and time of the essence, it was important that the business aspect and reporting was streamlined and easy to use.

“I love that the dashboard provides me with user-friendly visualisations of how we are doing from a revenue standpoint and how it directs my attention to certain indicators which is helping to highlight areas that we should be focusing on. We are using the dashboard a lot for a lot of different areas which are helping us to finetune the business and get a better understanding of our community.”

What’s next for JOURNEYFIT?

Victoria has no plans to slow down and intends to spread the JOURNEYFIT way of fitness to the rest of the world!

“I definitely see the JOURNEYFIT studio growing way beyond the US. Our members are our greatest promoters and they have spread the word far and wide! It’s not a matter of if we grow at a global scale, it’s a matter of when!”

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