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BeFit Manages the Many Challenges That Go Along with Being a Fitness Entrepreneur with Glofox

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21 Feb 2020

About Balanced Fitness for Moms

Tiffany Dacko is the owner and founder of Balanced Fitness for Moms and is a certified personal trainer specializing in pre and postnatal fitness. Having struggled with her own weight throughout many phases of her life she began studying nutrition and simultaneously opened her Bootcamp for moms. Since opening, she has helped hundreds of women to achieve their health and fitness goals while creating a strong community of support. Tiffany’s business is driven by results and she combines her knack for relating to everyone and making them feel immediately comfortable with her knowledge of all things health and fitness in order to create a dedicated and committed member base.

“The member app is so popular with our community. It drastically reduces my workload and gives my members autonomy on their fitness journey”.

Tiffany Dacko
Balanced Fitness for Moms

The challenge?

Tiffany was very much aware of the challenges of balancing the many roles she would have to play as a business owner, marketer, manager, admin, and trainer. Having previously used calendars and spreadsheets to plan her schedule and organise her members and memberships, she knew that she needed a platform that would help her to better manage her time and her members.

“It was a very manual process and it was time-consuming. It would add a couple of hours to my day and I’d have just done the bare minimum – no reports or insights to show for the hours dedicated to this work.”

Tiffany knew that she needed to set up a program with excellent customer service and an amazing experience to set Balanced Fitness For Moms apart from the other boot camps in her competitive neighborhood. She was also on the lookout for software that would give her the data and insights she needed in order to grow. With this criteria in mind, Tiffany set about finding a management software for her business and her search led him to Glofox!

How has Glofox helped? Setting BeFit up for Success

Opening her own boot camp posed challenges for Tiffany that he needed to overcome quickly in order to succeed. One of those was ensuring she had the time and the stamina to wear many hats. Glofox has helped give Tiffany some of her time back:

“My business is just me so I have to be both trainer, receptionist, and everything in between. Having extra time to do admin isn’t an option, so having the powerhouse that is Glofox is a lifesaver.”

Attracting members to her bootcamp has been easy for Tiffany as she gets many word of mouth referrals but when it came to member retention she knew that she’d have to implement a process to encourage commitment to her program and this is where the Glofox Member Retention tools became truly valuable.

I use Glofox to identify and reach out to my at-risk members and engage with them. I let my members know that value my time, and their time too and I’ve found that implementing a strict cancellation policy, as Glofox allows, has worked wonders for class attendance and member retention.”

Tiffany not only appreciates the time she saves – Glofox also provides her with invaluable tools that helped her to ensure a personalized experience for her members. With Glofox, Tiffany continues to deliver high customer service standards with Glofox’s personalized features – she contacts each member directly with words of encouragement or advice and the Push Notifications in their member app are a lifesaver in automating this.

“My community is my fitness family. Member experience and personalization is everything and without Glofox I would not be able to provide such an experience. When you look at how much I tailor my program to each individual that attends you can really see the advantage of attending my boot camp.”

What’s Next for Balanced Fitness for Moms?

Having put a lot of time and effort into developing the Balanced Fitness for Moms program, Tiffany intends on further building out her community through promotions and events.

“We have a wonderfully committed group of ladies in our community but I want to extend our offering to more people in our community and continue to provide each community member with the attention and coaching that they deserve.”

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